re+PLAY is a leading player in the CBD and wellness space, dedicated to providing effective pain, stress and anxiety management products that marry the power of pharmaceutical-grade CBD with the efficacy of traditional sports medicine. We are committed to creating innovative and high-quality products that support active lifestyles while simultaneously amplifying the benefits our customers experience from these routines.

Our innovative transdermal CBD Pain Cream, CBD Wellness Shots and Water-Soluble CBD Tinctures offer a premiere healing experience designed to replace pharmaceuticals and pain killers typically used by individuals who lead active lifestyles. We believe that anyone has the potential to be a champion.

Our founders—former NBA player Al Harrington, renowned personal trainer Joe Abunassar (who was responsible for rehab following Al’s knee reconstruction) and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sandy Kunkel (former team doctor for the Indiana Pacers)—have formulated our products with athletes in mind, leveraging cutting-edge science to create the best-performing CBD products on the market.