re+PLAY, is the very first Hemp CBD consumer brand brought to market by the Harrington Wellness company. NBA veteran and well known entrepreneur Al Harrington formed his international wellness organization to deliver safe, tested and innovative products to a needy marketplace that is under-served today. 


The re+PLAY suite of products is designed by professional scientists and athletes for you and your family members and friends seeking relief, whether you are a sore weekend warrior or just need help getting through the day.

A team of scientists, fitness experts and athletes led by retired NBA great Al Harrington, who is still starring on the court in Ice Cube’s BIG3 league after surviving over a dozen knee surgeries during his 16 NBA seasons thanks to the pain relief of CBD. Having now ditched dangerous prescription pain management medicine completely, Al’s knees are feeling great even after battling it out on national TV. 

Joining Al is world-renowned fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle manager, Joe Abunassar and a team of scientists who spent over 50 years combined developing a deep transdermal penetrating cream foundation and  patented Nano-Technology that ensures most effective absorption of essential elements into your body.

A Life Bond is Formed

The re+PLAY story began in 1998, when Al Harrington graduated from St, Patrick’s in New Jersey as the National Player of the Year and was drafted by the Indiana Pacers and joined forces with world-renowned Player Development guru, Joe Abunassar to begin his professional career. Over the next sixteen years, Joe and Al worked together alongside many other NBA legends keeping their bodies in top physical condition to survive the rigorous seasons. Unfortunately, prescription medication was often prescribed to Al and his peers to deal with the pain they have to endure just to keep their jobs. 



The only thing that seemed capable of stopping Al’s long career was his knees and the impact of over a dozen career-threatening surgeries. The last procedure resulted in a staph infection and tremendous, lasting pain.  While recuperating, Al was visited by a doctor friend who was shocked at the number of pain medicines he was prescribed and taking to deal with his knee and the related ailments from his playing career. 

She recommended that he try CBD as a natural pain reliever for its anti-inflammatory effect, and he hasn’t needed prescription pain killers since. Al was one of the very first players Ice Cube turned to when he started his BIG3 basketball league in 2017, and Hemp CBD helped him and his teammates complete a perfect season and win the championship. 


Al and Joe wanted to bring the benefits of CBD, so well documented in many studies and a Patent issued to the US Government itself, in a healthy, reliable and safe way, so they recruited a team of scientists from two separate companies with patented technology and decades of innovative research in nano and transdermal technology to create re+ PLAY for Harrington Wellness.

 As CBD can be absorbed and input in your body in several effective ways, re+PLAY offers its customers a wide variety of products to choose from based on your needs



Let’s keep this simple. If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, simply let us know and we’ll take care of you.