Patented Transdermal Delivery Technology with Hemp CBD

Pain & Wellness Cream Helps Al Bring Home a Championship


Our Cream Origin Story

In 2016, a prominent bio-pharma firm contacted Harrington Wellness Brands President, Joe Abunassar, world-renowned for his work training professional basketball players and other athletes, to introduce a new topical they had developed claiming a superior platform to deliver sodium bicarbonate directly into the muscle to reduce lactic aced.  The goal was to test the product with some of Abunassar’s clients and the best athletes in the world, to confirm the effectiveness that had already been seen in muscle-demanding sports like cycling.

The namesake of Harrington Wellness Brands, its CEO, Al Harrington, was one of Joe’s longtime clients, along with other NBA legends like Kevin Garnett, Chauncey Billups, Tayshaun Prince, and young stars like DeMarcus Cousins, Kyle Lowry, and Kristaps Porzingis.  Abunassar has even prepared many actors for physically demanding roles, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Russell Crowe, Tobey Maguire, and Reese Witherspoon.

An 18-time Ironman finisher and ambassador for the sport, Abunassar was happy to test the new product and the technology that would deliver the agent much deeper into the skin than the products currently on the market.

The results were tremendous, the lactic acid was reduced and productivity was increased – for the athletes, actors, and for Abunassar himself during his intense training.

Why Not Try It With Hemp?

At this same time, the anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects of Hemp CBD were gaining popularity and were being talked about intensely among professional athletes looking to reduce their harmful painkiller usage.  The idea was formed to add the Hemp CBD to this amazing transdermal technology that penetrates deep through the skin, which would, theoretically, allow it gain direct access to the areas of pain and inflammation.

For almost 2 years, different combinations were tried with data being shared extensively with our scientists until the combination was perfected.  The feel and effectiveness of this cream was so unique and powerful compared to what was on the market. It dissolved fully into the skin, getting to the affected area, and leaving no greasy feeling on the skin. It was time to launch a brand. 

A Brand & A League Are Born

For 16 years, and through over 10 surgeries, Al Harrington used a variety of pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications – battling pain before, between, and after games and seasons.    Now it was time for Al to get back on the court to star as a Co-Captain in Ice Cube’s new BIG3 Professional Basketball league, a 3 on 3 league that was gaining national attention on FOX.  This time around, with the help the re+PLAY Hemp CBD Cream formula, Al was able to make it through games, and get to the next one, without using any ice, anti-inflammatory medicine, or pain killers.

Simply applying the cream to his knees before and after games had his knees feeling as good as they had in many years.  re+PLAY Hemp CBD provided all the relief and comfort necessary for a guy with 16 years of NBA experience, 10+ surgeries, and extensive wear and tear, to go out in the national spotlight, PAIN FREE, and do what he loves – without the potentially dangerous side-effects of the drugs he had taken for years. 

Al didn’t want to be greedy with this product, sharing it will the entire BIG3, each asking how they could get their hands on more. That same cream is now available to you as re+PLAY Pain & Wellness Cream – for you to enjoy your life, no matter what your level of activity may be.  re+PLAY will give you the comfort and peace of mind you need to live life at its highest level.


There are plenty of Hemp CBD creams, balms and lotions in the market already, we all know that. So why should you consider re+PLAY? We’re glad you asked.

    1. Thanks to the patented delivery system our biopharma suppliers provide us as foundation for our cream, the high-grade Hemp CBD isolate that we mix into their base gets much deeper into your muscle tissue than the others, meaning the Hemp CBD gets to the inflamed muscles rather than sitting on top of your skin. 
    2. Over the course of testing and evaluating over 50 prototypes, we finally landed on a feel for our cream that leaves a minimal amount of residue on your hands and on top of your skin, which means you get as much of the Hemp CBD that you paid for through your skin as we are capable of finding. It also so happens to making putting the cream on your skin far less noticeable around the office or at home.
    3. This one applies to any cream that works, but deserves a mention here. While Hemp CBD that you ingest, and we sell like Oil Drop Tinctures, Capsules and Shots and Drinks,  will certainly help these same muscles, the impact of the Hemp CBD is spread throughout your body more evenly, making it harder to reach the areas of real intense inflammation.  With the Pain & Wellness Cream you are pinpointing the sore areas for laser-like relief.

Try some and you feel for yourself what Al did every night on the way to the Championship, and equally important, the next day with his four young children – free to move around as a dad.