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Order Online or Ask Your Local Retailer To Contact Us.

What Can You Expect from re+PLAY & It’s Products?
You Won’t Get “High“

Experience what people for centuries have described as a “natural pain relief” without  “getting high” or feeling “fuzzy”.
Wide Mix of Products

Thanks to our wide variety of product options and combinations, you can easily choose the best ways to experience the benefits of Hemp CBD for yourself and your loved ones.
Nature + High Tech

Our products combine several patented and proprietary technologies with domestically grown and lab-tested CBD  derived from legally grown Hemp in the USA.

RE+PLAY KEEPS YOU MOVINGWhat’s the re+PLAY Brand’s Story?

Just Pick The Right Products for Your Lifestyle.

Our Hemp CBD products are all great, the only thing you have to do is decide which products work best for you in your daily routine.

Some Featured Products

What is CBD?CBD
is short for

CBD is one of the many chemical compounds in a class called “cannabinoids” that naturally occurs in industrial hemp.  Reports of consumer benefits have been aired on virtually every national network, highlighting the fact that CBD does not have any psychotropic  impact, so it doesn’t get you high and won’t cause you to test positive for commonly screened illegal substances.

SCIENCE + NATUREOur Innovative & Proprietary Technology Partnerships Set Us Apart.

re+PLAY assembled an All Star roster of scientists from bio pharma, consumer packaged goods, chemistry and biology companies to bring the re+PLAY product line to market for you.

Our Pain & Wellness Cream is built on our suppliers’ patented transdermal compound delivery technology that we worked with for almost two years to perfect your Hemp CBD experience. The final product has almost no odor and does not leave the typical greasy residue behind, all while pinpointing inflammation deeper into your skin that any other product we could find with which to compare it.  Read our really interesting “Cream Story” by clicking here. 

For innovation within our liquid products, Wellness Shots and Nano Nectar CBD Oil Drops Tincture, we depend on a proprietary process developed by our supplier BioPulse, which bonds the Hemp CBD to water molecules in a way that maximizes what is known as “bioavailability”, which is a science term for how much of the Hemp CBD your body actually gets to use versus being wasted as it gets flushed out without any benefit.  Read all about Nano CBD  here.

( Testimonials )
You don’t have to take our word for it,
Read what our fans think!

“The feedback from my patients has been overwhelming positive, I’m convinced this cream really works to reduce pain. Some reported improved sleep patterns as well.”

Dr. Chris Vincent, Altus Health Institute

“My weekend warrior athlete clients reported a level of pain relief from the Harrington Cream that blows the doors off all the other products they have tried. ”

Dr. Patrick Hardin, Body Logic Sports Therapy


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